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We have spent much time sourcing this fine range of pilots from various suppliers, and then developing them into the most realistic range of 12” lightweight pilots suitable for use in flying Scale Aircraft.

All are 12” in height, which makes them ideal for 1/5th to 1/6th scale model aircraft.

Available as standard display pilots, lightweight flying pilots, or for the ultimate in realism, flying lightweight pilots with radio controlled heads!. These have a servo lead coming from the lower back, and can be linked into the aileron or rudder channel via a ‘Y’ lead, allowing the pilot to turn his head as the plane banks or turns, or when taxiing.

Most of the pilots come with many accessories, such as life jacket, flying helmet, goggles etc., but they do vary according to the manufacturer, so each one is detailed separately, along with any optional extras such as parachutes, that may be available.




Lightweight (Bendy)

100 Grams

£109.99 + P&P

Lightweight R/C

200 Grams

£159.99 + P&P


Pilots Available

RAF fighter Pilot - European Operations 1941 – 1945 (Can be adapted to 1940)
RAF fighter Pilot – North Africa Operations
RAF Mosquito Pilot - European Operations
Luftwaffe fighter pilot - European Operations 1940 - 1945
Luftwaffe fighter Pilot - North Africa Operations
Luftwaffe Adolf Galland - ‘Battle of Britain’
USAAF P-51 Pilot European Operations
USAAF B17 Bomber Pilot European Operations
USAAF B17 Bomber Waist gunner
USAAF P-40 Pilot -Tiger Squadron
USAAF P-40 Pilot - Pearl Harbour
Japanese Pilot - Pacific Operations 1941 - 1945
USAAF F-86 Sabre Pilot -1950’s
Chinese MiG 15 Pilot - 1950’s
USAAF F- 14 Pilot
USAAF F- 15E Pilot
USAAF F- 117A Pilot
USAAF F- 18 Pilot
G W Bush Jnr in USAAF Pilot outfit

(Individual detail sheets showing specification and accessories available upon request)

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